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   A Space for Psychotherapy & Being

"Sometimes, when it’s quiet, surprising things happen.”

― Mary PipherLetters to a Young Therapist

For many people, emotional pain manifests itself in varied, confusing ways. It could be in the form of debilitating mood states, unhealthy relationships, physical aches & so on. When it comes to matters of the psyche, one can't duplicate healing. Managing that pain calls for a thorough & humane method of listening, analysis & recovery. ​

Psychotherapy is an authentic attempt at entering the realm of the unresolved, the unknown, the real self & everything in between. It is NOT just about eradicating the 'symptom' but working through it so one can see where the 'symptom' is coming from & what it is saying. 

Aanchal Bhatnagar


Lost & Found was born out of a creative desire & a soft, mushy feeling. It is an attempt to give space to those parts of us- as patients, clinicians, & people, that were lost somewhere along the way. It is a therapeutic engagement with the complex, unconsoled self to unknot the unseen, & in that process, render healing! 

What makes the practice of Psychotherapy special is the commitment, hopes & goals shared by the people involved in the process. This practice can benefit our lives in different ways, based on what we're struggling with, what we need & what we're looking for.

What we do.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a recognized method of working with emotional difficulties, relational conflicts & underlying trauma. Crafted with care, it is a long-term process of diving deeper into unconscious patterns & self-awareness that can significantly alter the way we function within & out.

Therapy practiced:

  • Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

  • Couple's Psychotherapy

  • Family Psychotherapy

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