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Clinical Supervision

A Supervision space is a living representation of what an 'interim' could look like. It is an organized system of welcoming the internal chaos; and hopefully, somewhere, between the patients & theory, you find yourself...


At Lost & Found, individual & group supervision are held online. Before we commit to this process of meaning-making, the frequency of & expectations from supervision is explored together on an individual basis. 

slow living


Postscript, as the name suggests, is a moment of looking back, looking inwards & looking through our clinical work, our errors, our horrors & our desires! 


A monthly ritual of an online collective, run in collaboration with Hank Nunn Institute, inviting all therapists to find holding & meaning with their kind!


'Fall' is the simplest of words with the heaviest of meanings; it is an act, a season, a familiar feeling, and an evocative memory.

Embodying this essence of multiple meanings & feelings,

Fall is our virtual, bi-monthly reading group, engaging with original works of intriguing analysts, so we pause to understand, critique, or recreate nuances of psychoanalysis as they fit our praxis & being.



ALFAAZ is Lost & Found's creative corner!

This is a space where we button Expressive arts with Psychoanalysis to create a fresh, unapologetic way of processing, reflecting and letting go.

ALFAAZ lulls various art-based workshops, journaling prompts, movement therapy activities and so on. It is a space to nurture the self when affect defeats language.

Space of Interest

I appreciate you reaching out! We will review your request & get back with the best possible options..

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